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Fri., Feb. 16, 2001
CJ - 
I was very pleased as to
how the magazine was printed and finished. Thank you so much. I have
enjoyed reading it! Keep up the good work! 

-Julie Niven

Wed., Jan. 10, 2001
CJ -
The new edition of miller's pond on-the-web looks really nice ---- spacious
and clean.  I especially liked 
DB's poem about loneliness.

- Shoshauna Shy

Sunday, Jan. 7, 2001
Dear C.J.,
The current web issue looks wonderful.  Thank you for taking such care
and pride in the issue, for making my work look so good.  In other words,
thank you for again making my work a part of yours.  If you need anything
from me, let me know.

C.S. Fuqua

Dear CJ,
I received miller's pond and your third prize check for Heaven's
Template, for which I thank you now, and for which I thanked you in a
letter downstairs on the mantel, waiting to be posted tomorrow.

However, I needed to add to what I said in the letter, so here I am.

Sometimes I have won third place in poetry contests - that has happened
several times - and I have felt as if I lost. Third place wasn't good

But after having leafed through miller's pond, I need to say that this
time, for the first time, I feel very definitely that third place is an
honor. I want to thank you and the judges very sincerely - because the
poetry represented in miller's pond is surely a notch above many poetry
journals I have seen, (make that notches) and to win even third place is
an honor. was important to me that I tell you how I feel, and to thank you
for this very nice thing that's happened to me.

Carol La Foret

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