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Writers Guidelines

Simultaneous and previously published poems acceptable as long as we know where poems are being considered or have appeared.

Send 3-5 poems. 

Poems longer than 40 lines, experimental or avant garde work will be held to especially high standards.

Submissions consisting of more than 5 poems will be returned unread.

Accepted poems are typeset at 50 characters max. per line.

Typed, standard format.

Electronic submissions welcome only from our website submission forms.

NO poetry will be considered through standard e-mail.

Unimaginative pornographic, and blatantly vulgar language will not be read". 

No clichéd, trite, contrived or overly sentimental poems.

Prefer contemporary poetry that is fresh, accessible, energetic, vivid with description, shows-not tells, flows with language and rhythm.

Most preferred topics: people, events, nature....nothing preachy or lofty.

Rhyme will be considered only if it is exceptional.  If the rhymes are an obvious guess, forget it.

Poems will be returned only with adequate SASE.

Comments not usually made.

Reading Period:  May 1 through Oct. 31.  All submissions to be considered for the next issue to be published should be in the editor's hands no later than Oct. 31.

Response time: Depending on what time of year submitted - could take up to seven months.  Editors try to read and respond within 6 weeks to submissions received prior to Nov. 1 for next year's issue, but not always able to.  Your patience is appreciated.

Also needs:
2000 word max. interviews with poets.

500 word max. reviews of poetry chapbooks with a release date of either 1 year prior to or within the same year review is to appear.

Payment:$2 plus 1 copy for one-time rights for poems that appear in the hard copy version of our magazine.  $5-10 plus 1 copy for one-time rights for interviews or reviews that appear in the hard copy verson of our magazine.  No payment for poems, reviews, or interviews that appear on our web site version.

Subscription:$10/year; $16 for 2 years.

First 7 years of miller's pond (1998-2004) 
for $35, free p&h.

Recommended reading: Fishing Underground: A Poetís Guide to Creating, Publishing and Beyond, a poetry how-to manual by Elaine Preston ($17.50); Bending the Blues, a chapbook by James E. Cherry ($7.50); All Iíve Known of Wanting; a chapbook by Jerry Fong and Mary Carter Ginn ($7); In the Late Summer Garden, a chapbook by Barbara Crooker ($6); Loon Lake Journal, a chapbook by Beatrice O'Brien ($6); Needing Blue, a chapbook by Julie Damerell ($7); Words of Wisdom: Poet's Theatre 20th Anniversary Anthology, featuring 82 poets ($15.95). 

All available from

Include $3 postage and handling for first book, $.50 for each additional book.

Please Read TIPS before submitting

There are two separate forms for electronic submissions:
one for the web site, and one for the hard copy magazine.

Click HERE to submit electronically 
for our web version of miller's pond.

Click HERE to submit electronically 
for our print version of miller's pond

From The Writer's Little Instruction Book
by Paul Raymond Martin
Writer's Word Press, 1998

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