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Poets in the pond:
Alex Stolis
Su Young

She's wearing her favorite sundress
hair pulled back, bruises barely visible now.
The kids are outside dodging summer, her eyes
shine with memory. Only last night she was
homecoming queen.

Listening to Elvis Costello on the radio,
she takes the tissue from her pocket.
Time to make lunch.
Funny how life goes crooked on you,
when you least expect it.

Alex Stolis, from Plymouth, MN., has been writing for almost twenty years. 
His poems have appear in numerous regional publications, and also on the web.
He is currently working on chapbook, taking care of kids, working and going back to school. 
He can be reached at

The Pull to Fire

Two people alone in a  room know full well what
they do.

I Conjure you up from composite fractions
bits and bites and better times
the you that was sacred to love
until now

I can not ever be the woman I first was
 can not compete
with that fantasy girl
whose only requirement is to herself

Yes once
You were my only required course
I read volumes of you 
stored your words
deeply and in a precious place

Chaos is like labor pains
suspended somewhere inside an invisible chasm All
I know is that it wasn't there before and now it
lives here taken up residence like an unwanted
guest like a hair on the soap

You go to a place where I do not exist
memories now that donít contain me
 you can  remember her
whenever you want
On a breeze 
dream up her face
My daily mirror of you
Matte and one dimensional
a tarnished spoon 

I remember too well
your smooth charming pull
the sun drawing in a spinning planet
the heat felt good
even though I knew I would burn
The words you spoke then
with the charm and zen of ages of men before you
Were bed words
 not love
I heard what I needed
and fell into the jaws of you
let myself be devoured by your gravity

Su Young is from Southern Maine. She is a freelance writer currently writing a book about
vintage purses. She is married, has 2 children, and one white dog with a big black nose. 
E-mail her at 

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