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Web version guidelines

Submissions for the Spring 2016 issue are closed. Any submissions received from this point will be considered for the Fall 2016 issue and will not be read until sometime in August. I read poems in late December (Winter issue), April (Spring issue), and August (Fall issue).

  • Please Include an introductory note addressed to me (the editor), Julie Damerell, and a short bio with the poetry.If you don't send a bio, and I choose your work, I will publish it without a bio. 
  • I will not consider submissions that are simply a collection of your poems and don't indicate that you know to which magazine and editor you are submitting your work. If you begin your email with "Dear Editor," I'll know that you didn't read the guidelines, and I will delete your submission without reading it. I know this sounds harsh, but there are so many poets and so little time.
  • Please send poetry from your own email address. I want to write directly to the poet whose work is submitted rather than work through a third party.
  • Send up to 3 poems in the body of the email because I will not open attachments that I have not requested. If you send an email with a link or with attachments, I will delete it. I know this sounds harsh, too.If I have trouble with the formatting, I'll write and ask you to send me an attachment.  If you send more than five poems, I'll know that you haven't read the guidelines, and I will not respond to the submission.
  • DO NOT submit more than once in a 120 days (a single reading period). Multiple submissions between issue publications will be deleted.
  • Previously published poems are welcome as long as you indicate where the poems have appeared.
  • I don't usually make comments or edit the submissions without your permission. Please edit your own work for standard English usage. If you have mistakes in standard English usage in your poem, I will not consider publishing it.
  • Response time depends on what time of year your work is submitted. I work on miller's pond before, between, and after the college semesters, so I read submissions in April (for the Spring issue), August (for the fall issue), and December (for the winter issue).

We do not review books ourselves, but we will publish reviews of books.  Do not send us a book for us to review - and do not ask us if you can send us a book to review.  If you send us a book, we will merely list it on the Books Received page.  If you'd like us to post a review of your book - either send us a review that was written by someone - OR have someone who has written a review submit it to us.  The submission should be in accordance with our standard submission policy above.  Again - and this cannot be stressed enough - we will know if you have read these guidelines.  And if you haven't submitted according to the guidelines, THE SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!!!

Email submissions to for our web version of miller's pond.

Recommended reading: Fishing Underground: A Poet’s Guide to Creating, Publishing and Beyond, a poetry how-to manual by Elaine Preston ($17.50); Bending the Blues, a chapbook by James E. Cherry ($7.50); All I’ve Known of Wanting; a chapbook by Jerry Fong and Mary Carter Ginn ($7); In the Late Summer Garden, a chapbook by Barbara Crooker ($6); Loon Lake Journal, a chapbook by Beatrice O'Brien ($6); Needing Blue, a chapbook by Julie Damerell ($7); Words of Wisdom: Poet's Theatre 20th Anniversary Anthology, featuring 82 poets ($15.95). 

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Our print version of miller's pond has been suspended for 2009.

Email submissions to
for our web version of miller's pond.