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Welcome to miller's pond, a poetry site that welcomes poets with a wide range of poetic styles, structures, and subjects.

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As of 2009, miller's pond is no longer a print publication.  The web version is published 3 times a year.  The editor, Julie Damerell, only accepts electronic submissions for the web version, and there is no payment for publication.  Submissions can be sent any time but are only read before the fall semester and between the spring and fall semesters.

Any submissions received from this point will be considered for the Winter 2018 issue and may not be read until sometime in December. Simultaneous submissions and previously published poems are welcome.

Please see the Guidelines for further information on how to submit to miller's pond. Poets who don't get an email either accepting or declining their submissions are the poets who didn't follow the guidelines!

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Not on any Map

                 Julie Damerell and Keith Moul

Every failure lessens the time
to make things right
but you must:  this is Iowa
and farther than a mile, we are waking
darkly, like a shivering dream
and our timely recollection
recalls the sun
where to drift in a wild latitude of stars,
a share of your memory,
time bends with us
in rooted silence

I am wind
beating my wings
through time

place devours us both
to shape the stars drive me
to hear of myself
miss by the thinness of a moth’s wing
where no metaphor will break the solitude
I feel

February 2016 poems by Julie Damerell


in my pocket coins
for three wishes, a clock
telling how long your absence

to close the hole a snip of gold
thread, crumbs to find my way back
to unlock your heart, a key


Up on the roof, olive branch
just out of reach, I trace
your face in the clouds.

Through open windows, the flight
of her fingers, her voice lifting
a tapesty of woes, closes

a circle started so many years ago.
Shelter from hunger and cold
not as simple as the smile

on your face, but it’s beautiful, yes,
in the morning rain. My fingers
find the branch by your side
where I want to be.