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Just as a miller is someone who takes raw material and works it into a refined product, so, too, does the poet.  And while a pond’s surface becomes a mirror, reflecting all that is going on around it, there is another entire world occurring beneath, with each thing dependent on the others within that world, but also connected to the world on the surface. 

Unless you look beneath the surface, you don't really notice what's going on down there.  A poem, a really good poem, has that same quality to it.  What's happening on the surface is fascinating in itself, but beneath that surface is another whole meaning that, although connected to the surface, becomes visible only when viewed from a different angle. 

So relax and explore each poem presented on the following pages.  Climb vistas or dive deep, as each perspective will bring you to another truth. 

In 1998, H&H Press decided to expand its small press publishing endeavors with the publishing of an annual magazine, miller's pond, edited by C.J. Houghtaling.

Julie Damerell joined the miller's pond staff in 1999 as the web poetry editor.

In 2001 the Loella Cady Lamphier Prize for Poetry was established in honor of C.J.'s grandmother who passed away in 1999.

In 2003, David Cazden made his debut as editor for the print version of the magazine.

Cover drawing, copyright 1998, by Natalie Kennedy.