miller's pond

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Poets in the Pond:
Pam Alvey
Ash Bowen
Kristy Bowen
Gaylord Brewer
Fleda Brown
Brad Buchanan
Sherry Chandler
Bill Cowee
Patricia Fragnoli
John Grey
Patricia L. Hamilton
Lisa Hartz
Marcia Hurlow
M.J. Iuppa
Erin Keane
Becky Kennedy
Karen Koegler
Julie Lechevsky
Lyn Lifshin
Amy MacLennan
Kathleen M. McCann
Stacy McCullough
Steve Mueske
Gillian Nevers
Andrew H. Oerke
Doug Ramspeck
David Rogers
Geri Rosenzweig
Denise Rue
Philip Rush
Terry Savoie
Anis Shivani
Mark Simpson
Aimee Therres
Rudy Thomas
Jean Wiggins
Review by:
Geri Rosenzweig
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