miller's pond

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Poets in the Pond:
Carol W. Bachofner
Barry Ballard
Gaylord Brewer
Melanie Cameron
R.T. Castleberry
Tony Cosier
Kay Day
Annalynn Hammon
M.J. Iuppa
Ann Iverson
Patricia Wellingham Jones
Ward Kelley
Kathy Keith
James Kimbrell
Carol Parris Krauss
Joanne Lowery
Stephen Mead
Dorothy Doyle Mienko
Steve Myers 
Beatrice O’Brien
Robert Parham
Rae Pater
Simon Perchik
Stephanie Rogers
Barbara Shepherd
Shoshauna Shy
Cheryl Snell
Dana Sonnenschein
Richard Williams
Chris Young
Reviews by:
Barbara Crooker & George Held

Loella Cady Lamphier
Prize for Poetry

Judge: Nancy Breen

Contest Winners
$250 - 1st Place
“Watching Myself Thinking of You  1943”
by Carol W. Bachofner

$100 - 2nd Place
"China Painters"
by Barbara Shepherd

$50 - 3rd Place
“Women's Words”
by Barbara Shepherd


        • “Ode to a Teacher of Poetry,”  Gretchen Fletcher
        •  “Diving, Not Dying,”  Mary Langer Thompson
        •  “Barbara,”  Katharyn Howd Machan
        •  “At the Time of the Leonid Meteor Showers,” Ann E. Michael
        •  “For Richard Barnett, Teacher,” Wilma Ann Johnson
        •  “String Lady,” Patricia Wellingham-Jones
        •  “The Poetry of Iowa,” Carol W. Bachofner
        •  “Daddy Returns to St. Vith, 1973,” Carol W. Bachofner
        •  “After the Guns,” Carol W. Bachofner
        •  “Oildocks,”  Katie Coakley

      2004 Reader’s Choice Award
      Shoshauna Shy
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