miller's pond

miller's pond, 2001
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Poets in the Pond:
Lisa Alexander Baron
Linda Basson
Angi Becker
Gaylord Brewer
Edward Burch
Elena Caserte
James Cherry
Glenn G. Coats
Gina Conti
Robert Cooperman
Julie Damerell
Ken Fifer
John Grey
Susan S. Hahn
Timothy Hodor
Elizabeth Howard
Bryon Howell
Ward Kelly
Nancy King
M.C. Leonard
Diane Lockward
Katharyn Howd Machan
Patrick J. Melvin
Phil Memmer
Bonnie Minick
Nicole Nemeth
Julie Niven
David Michael Nixon
Simon Perchik
Louis Philips
Liz Rosenberg
Ben Satterfield
Mark Senkees
Shoshauna Shy
Linda Straub
Virgil Suarez
Victoria Smith interviews Thomas Krampf
Reviews by:
Julie Damerell, Mary Carter Ginn, Affaa M. Weaver

Loella Cady Lamphier
 Poetry Contest winners:

$250 - 1st Place 
A Meditation on the Secret Life
 M.C. Leonard, Kingston, N.Y.

$100 - 2nd Place
Letter From a Friend
 Katharyn Howd Machan, Ithaca, N.Y.

$50 - 3rd Place
Dominatrix of Pastis
M.C. Leonard, Kingston, N.Y.

$10 - Honorable Mentions: 

  1. Letters I Overheard, M.C. Leonard, Kingston, N.Y.
  2. Brother Judd, Michael Pollick, Decatur, AL.
  3. My Mother in the Suit that Holds All Colors - Judith Sornberger, Mansfield, PA.
  4. Friends, Mary Bass, Mesquite, TX.
  5. Waterloo Village, 8 A.M., Katharyn Howd Machan, Ithaca, N.Y.
  6. To the One Who Said Good-bye First - Julie Damerell, Wayland, N.Y.
  7. Pappy, Barbara M. Sutryn, Montoursville, PA.
  8. Not Even a Dry Heat, Julie Damerell, Wayland, N.Y.
  9. For Gabriela Mistral (Lucila Godoy de Alcayaga), Lynn Veach 
      Sadler, Sanford, N.C.
10. Itís good, Flora Lutsky, East Northport, N.Y.
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