miller's pond

miller's pond, 2000
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Volume 3, Issue 1

Poets in the pond:
John Bush
Hayden Carruth
Sara Claytor
Juliet Cook
Ella J. Cvancara
Julie Damerell
Robert Darling
Jean Sparks Ducey
Peter Duncan
Mary Carter Ginn
Melissa Glover
Julie Jurgens
Susan Hahn 
Carol LaForet
Joe-Anne McLaughlin
Patrick Melvin
 Errol Miller
David Michael Nixon
Louis Phillips
Helene Pilibosian
G.F. Prue
d.n. simmers
Ellen Tifft
Ian Veitenheimer
Jane Leora Young
Lora Zill

An Interview with Barbara Crooker, and 
A Review for Colette Inez's latest book, Clemency

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