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by C.J. Houghtaling

(A Partial Listing)

"An Interview with Barbara Crooker"
The Irregular
September 2000

"The DT&Y"
Dan and Trina Gruzlewski's small-space garden railway
Garden Railways
April 1998

"Interview with Kent Brown, Jr."
Boyds Mills Press
Fiction Writer's Guideline
Sept./Oct. 1997

"Transcending Genre"
An Interview with Nancy Springer
American Writers Review
July, 1997

"Interview with Mary Sue Seymour"
The Seymour Agency
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
July/Aug. 1997

"Interview with Colette Inez"
Feelings Poetry Journal
Spring/Summer 1997
Vol. 8, No. 2

"Interview with Russell Galen"
Scovil, Chichak, Galen Literary Agency, Inc.
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
Jan./Feb. 1997

"Interview with Elaine Preston"
Autumn, 1996
Vol. 8, No. 1

"Seneca Lake, New York"
Scuba Times
Sept./Oct. 1996
Vol. 17, No. 5
Issue 97

"Interview with Nancy Bereano"
Editor, Firebrand Books
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
Sept./Oct. 1996

"Publishing with Dutton Signet"
Byline Magazine
June, 1996 No. 190

"Interviews with Jennifer Brehl
& Alexandra Babanskyj"
Editor & Editorial Assistant, Avon Books
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
March/April 1996

"Interview with Abigail Kamen Holland"
Editor, HarperPaperbacks
Fiction Writer’s Guidelines
Nov./Dec. 1995

"Interview with Nancy Love"
Nancy Love Literary Agency
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
Sept./Oct. 1995

"Interview with Janet D. Chenery"
Sr. Editor, Dial Books for Young Readers
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
July/Aug., 1995

"Western Art’s Eastern Mecca"
Wild West
Aug. 1995
Vol 8, No. 2

"Interview with Cherry Weiner"
Cherry Weiner Literary Agency
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
May/June, 1995

"Eldridge Park Carousel
Memorialized in Miniature"
The Carousel News & Trader
May, 1995
Vol. 11, No. 5

"Interview with Laura Anne Gilman"
Editor, Putnam Berkley
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
March/April, 1995

"Interview with Frances Kuffel"
Jean Naggar Literary Agency
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
Jan./Feb. 1995

"A Critic’s Guide to Etiquette"
The Writer’s Haven Newsletter
Jan. 1995
Vol. 1, Issue 2

"Interview with Karen Taylor Richman"
Associate Editor, Silhouette
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
Nov./Dec. 1994

"Five More Horses For Bucktail Carousel"
The Carousel News & Trader
Nov., 1994
Vol. 10, No. 11

"Knoebels Amusement Resort
Hosts MCBI Rally"
The Carousel News & Trader
Sept., 1994
Vol. 10, No. 9

"Seabreeze Park"
The Carousel News & Trader
May, 1994
Vol. 10, No. 5

"Interview with Michael Seidman"
Editor, Walker & Co.
Fiction Writer’s Guideline
April, 1994

"A Carousel Comes to Boston Common"
The Carousel News & Trader
March, 1994
Vol. 10, No. 3

"Balloon Festival 1890’s Style"
Balloon Life
March, 1994
Vol. 9, No. 3

"The Bucktail Carousel"
The Carousel News & Trader
Feb., 1994
Vol. 10, No. 2

"The Mary Lockman Collection:
A Tribute to N. Tonawanda’s Heritage"
The Carousel News & Trader
Oct., 1993
Vol. 9, No. 10

"Angel of Forgiveness"
Sept., 1993
Vol. 46, #9

"Building Miniatures is Full-Time
Hobby For Retired Farmer"
The Carousel News & Trader
June, 1993
Vol. 9, No. 6

"All I Want is Fame and Fortune"
Byline Magazine
April, 1993 No.155

"The Legacy of Robert Long"
The Carousel News & Trader
May, 1993
Vol. 9, No. 5

"Museum Delights Carousel
Lovers with Carnival Theme"
The Carousel News & Trader
Jan., 1993
Vol. 9, No. 1

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