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All I've Known of Wanting
Jerry Fong and Mary Carter Ginn

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Cover: glossy white with forrest green ink
ISBN: 0-9620790-2-2 
Publish Date: May, 1997 
No. of Pages: 36 
Size: 5.5"x8.5"
Cost: $7.00 

A chapbook of poetry reflecting the humor and sorrow experienced with each passage of our lives: youth, parenthood, and old age. Uniquely paired to reflect and reverberate in theme the poets' journeys from chidhood to the opening doorways of middle life, these 20 poems capture the male and female point of view, are the yin and yang of each intensely felt moment honoring the intimacies and complexities of family. Here the reader travels on the surreal paths of dream worlds and on the stony roads of mourning, they trudge through sucking mud of Chinese rice paddies and rise on the unfettered winds of the American prairie. Throughout, an urgency prevails, a plea to hold the moment close to the heart. The poets, ever mindful of their former steps, beg the reader to join and dance the "swift span of days."


"Whether Mary Ginn's 'words are urging her from the ache of winter' in her poem "The Opening," or Jerry Fong is seeking 'cadences of winding reels' and 'mysteries of deep water' in his poem "Serious Fishing," these gifted and exhilarating poets prove that the art of making memorable poems is alive and well. Both of them are the real thing."

- Colette Inez
“The surprise of this collection is how a woman’s gutsiness and a man’s gentleness come together with deep human emotion.”
-Beatrice O’Brien
“All I’ve Known of Wanting honors the passages of life in beautifully crafted, intimate lyrics inviting us to ‘love mysteries of deep water’ and ‘drink hot blood.’  In poem after poem the poets celebrate the strength derived from participation in the moment, despite adversities and impending loss.  The poems come full circle with the awareness of mortality, and even that is a cause for joy, because we glimpse the ‘evening sky spreading its velvet blanket,’ and ‘doze into our true selves’ even as we are ‘thirsting for the moon.’
-Elaine Preston

“What we've all "known of wanting," as serious readers of poetry, are poems that lie dead on the page, fail to move us. But these poems do not want, nor will they disappoint you. Jerry Fong tells us ‘. . . Beware.  You'll be drawn in’;  Mary Ginn says here ‘we'll . . . doze into our true selves.’   I liked the alternating voices, male and female, yin and yang, the way the poems echo and reverberate.  Open this chapbook, Reader, and marvel with Jerry and Mary at ‘these swift glissandos of [our] little lives.’

-Barbara Crooker

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